Sell All the $AAPL

After over 25 years living the Apple vertical integration dream, I’m stepping away from iOS and switching my personal device to an Android unit.

This is a big deal for me. Despite doing dev work on Android devices for years, I always let my passion (and it really is a passion) for the Apple dev world drive my personal device choices.

I started my career doing Java work, (along with Flash, DHTML, PHP and assorted scripting tools) and I have always been a Java apologist.

But when Chandler and I started hacking on Objective-C in… 1999? It was love. I love the language. I was a master of memory management (before ARC made my skills irrelevant). I love the syntax. I love being able to use C and C++ freely mixed into my Obj-C code. I love GCD and blocks and…

Well, it’s not like I am going to stop doing Apple work. In fact, with the new Mac Pro on the way, I’ve been working on a very interesting platform for interactive applications on the Mac. Thanks to Cinder’s CinderView concept I’ve been able to really push Control Group’s platform for interactive spaces in a very compelling direction. Apple tech is here to stay, forever and always.

Additionally, our focus (at CG) on Android and Java couldn’t be stronger. We love Android devices and the Snapdragon chips powering most of our enterprise mobile devices.

All that to say, nothing much is changing in my split of attention mostly between the JVM and Apple tech. Nothing is changing, professionally.

But wow, what a huge shift, personally.

I pack little one-off apps on my iPhone. Little sketches and proofs litter my device. My side project dev work is 80% Apple tech - because I use side projects to make things for myself.

Work sketches are usually iOS-based as well - largely because my relationship with Qualcomm leads me to constantly develop proximity-based proofs using their Gimbal platform.

But, alas - it’s time to change. Time to leave the headaches of iTunes behind. Time to enjoy the hacker friendly OS and the quasi-libertarian ethos of Google’s purer Android distributions.

As much respect as I have for the ARM arch, it’s also time to spend my free time hacking on Qualcomm chips and putting more money where my mouth is on Scala hacking.

I have been struggling with selecting a device. I know I want either a Moto X Dev Edition or a Nexus 5. I’ve ordered both. Cancelled. Reordered. Asked advice. Read every review. Spent some time with each.

As of right now, I have a Moto X DE for Verizon on the way. My contract doesn’t end until mid-July, so rather than canceling, I bought a full retail Moto X. Actually, I got one for Michele, as well.

By the time July rolls around, I will probably get an N5 and switch to a T-Mobile monthly unlimited plan.

There is a 50% chance I cancel the Moto X and reorder a N5 today. I just can’t make up my mind. The UX on the Moto X is just great, but some of the folks on my team are already digging at me for not going for the more powerful dev-focused device.

And they’re right…

So, unless Apple invites me back to WWDC to speak again (in which case I will switch my Kool-Aid supplier back to our pals in Cupertino) you’re looking at one of the preachiness, smuggest Apple fanboys transform into this decade’s version of a “switcher.”

- November 18, 2013
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VCNoiz by HexInverter

Picked up a VCNoiz yesterday. This this is amazing. I need a second, though. When you pitch it all the way down, there is a really sweet DC-coupled output that spits out random gates. Unfortunately, it’s tied to pitch, so you can’t use the same module for tuned noise AND random gates at the same time. I’m still hungry for an ADDAC Complex Random, but for the price, a second VCNoiz is an inevitability for me!

- March 04, 2013
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Autechre – Exai

It’s a bit all over the place. I like the tighter tracks with a bit of pattern, and have even grown tolerant of pads and filter sweeps, but some of the tracks seem unedited. Like, “Hey, I got a couple of Octatracks!” without much restraint or structure. Maybe that’s the point? Many of the finer points of music are certainly lost on me.

- February 18, 2013